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Mrs Alexander will be teaching the class on a Monday and then on a Tuesday morning.
Miss Chrisie will be teaching the class on a Tuesday afternoon and a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


This term we will be focussing on ‘Plastic and the Environment’ as our topic. The children will be learning about how the excessive amounts of plastic being produced and used around the world is having a catastrophic impact on the environment. We will also be considering and researching ways in which we can be more responsible for our plastic consumption and ways in which we can live in a more environmentally friendly way.


Reading - At the beginning of Term 1, the children will be reading ‘Kaspar Prince of Cats’ by Michael Murpurgo during a teacher-led modelling block, which will refresh their knowledge of the reading strategies used for comprehension of a text. They will also revisit the word attack strategies to be used when encountering an unknown word.  Whilst we are working on the modelling block, the pupils will be issued with books for reading at home.  The pages to be read each week will be detailed in the homework diary.  On completion of Kaspar Prince of Cats, the children will continue working on a variety of novels.  Reading will be set for homework most weeks. Could you please ensure that your child reads the stated pages/chapters in preparation for work which will be done in class.  In addition to the reading set for homework, the children have access to ‘Oxford Owl’ through their GLOW accounts. This allows the children to access a range of texts and audio books from home for extra practise.   

Spelling/Phonemes - Spelling and phonemes will be taught four days a week.  There will be daily spelling tasks set for homework as detailed in their homework diary. The ‘Bears’ spelling group will be concentrating on a particular phoneme in week 1 and then in week 2 they will be focussing on learning to spell tricky/ common words. The ‘Lions’ spelling programme runs in four week blocks.  In weeks 1 and 2 the children will be concentrating on a particular phoneme, week 3 will be learning to spell tricky/common words and week 4 will focus on a spelling rule. In addition to the spelling programme, both groups will be working on the Fry Common words. Further practise with these words can be done using ‘Doorway on Line Speller’ at home on the internet.

Writing - For writing this term, the children will be learning about persuasive writing.  Writing discussion and research tasks are sometimes set for homework to help your child prepare for the writing lessons in class. Your support for these homework tasks is very much appreciated and will enhance the learning experience within the classroom when it comes to them writing their piece.  Furthermore, writing will be closely linked to our topic and as part of the Active Literacy programme the children will be engaging with writing tasks linked to their book studies.


Numeracy -In Numeracy we are covering the following topics this term:

  • Revision of Multiplication tables with a focus on improving speed of recall and identifying patterns within and between them
  • Mental Maths Strategies: Counting on and back, Complements to 10, Doubling and Halving, Partitioning and Bridging and Adjusting
  • Addition and Subtraction with a main focus being on maths vocabulary to help the childrens’ ability with problem solving
  • Place Value
  • Multiplication and Division
I would be grateful for your support in helping your child to learn their multiplication tables.  The children will be given a ‘Multiplication Karate’ booklet and also a parents’ leaflet.  The Multiplication booklets give information on how you can support your child to learn their tables.   As the children’s ability with a table is ‘signed off’ they can progress through the levels from a white belt to a black belt! It is also useful to note, that ‘RM Easimaths’ can be accessed through the childrens’ GLOW accounts. It offers further opportunity to practise a variety of areas within the mathematics curriculum. I can also view the childrens’ progress online highlighting any areas in which they may need further support.


The pupils will be learning about states of water and floating and sinking.

Health and wellbeing

PE - For PE, the children will be learning and focussing on fitness, gymnastics and then athletics. PE will be on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday morning after break this term.  
Health and Wellbeing - The children have been learning about Children’s Rights and have worked together to create our Class Charter. As a class, the children decided that our class charter will focus on following the Rights: The Right to an Education. The Right to Relax and Play, The Right to have an Opinion and be Listened to and The Right to meet Friends and join Groups. Also, this term we will be working through the Health and Wellbeing programme ‘Jigsaw’ beginning with ‘Celebrating Difference’.


This term, for ICT, we will be developing our researching skills. Through our topic we will be researching the scientists who influenced the early creation of plastic, ‘The Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and the possible ways in which we can reduce the amount of plastic we use on a day-to-day basis.


The children have been illustrating the ‘Rights of the Child’ as a class in order to enhance their understanding and awareness. We will be displaying these pieces of art within the classroom.

This term a member of the ‘Youth Music Initiative’ (YMI) will be visiting the class to carry out music lessons with the children. They will visit every Wednesday afternoon until the 15th of January


The children will be working on greetings, numbers to 20, days of the week, colours and weather description.
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