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Primary 6 have settled in well to their new routines and have been working really hard since returning from their summer holiday. In term 1, Primary 6 will be taught by Mr Brown on a Monday and Tuesday, with Mrs Wilson teaching the class on a Wednesday and Thursday.  On Friday, Mr Brown and Mrs Wilson will teach AM and PM respectively. Our P.E days are on a Tuesday and a Friday.


Social Studies

This term we will be investigating World War II. This offers a chance for the children to understand the causes and impact of this significant historical event. The pupils will learn about the important figures involved (including Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler), the social impact (evacuees, rationing, blackouts) and the military aspect (battles, equipment, conscription). This topic offers a wonderful context for learning and provides excellent links to literacy, drama and art. 


Reading - The focus will be on applying a more active approach to literacy. This involves learning and applying a variety of reading strategies to enhance children's comprehension, fluency and vocabulary. Children will also be given reading books to take home to ensure a consistent volume of reading and will be given the opportunity to choose their own texts to take home and enjoy also. The class will be making links to their Social Studies topic by reading 'Carrie's War' and a number of non fiction books all about WWII.


Writing The pupils will be extending their knowledge of functional writing this term and this will include an autobiography and a biography of one of their friends. Pupils will be encouraged to apply their spelling and grammar skills when creating texts. They will also write a letter from an evacuee and write poems about the Great War.  


Spelling We will continue to utilise an active approach to spelling and focus on consolidating the children's knowledge of the sounds and phonemes that make up words. This will ensure that the children continue to develop the tools required to decode tricky words and build their confidence and vocabulary when they are producing their own texts. Pupils will also have a ‘challenge list’ of commonly used words.  

Grammar – Children will further explore the mechanics of the English language and apply their knowledge of this when writing and reading. We will use a variety of resources across the year to ensure the children are confident with grammar.    


The pupils will be developing their knowledge of number and place value this term. This ensures a solid foundation on which many numeracy concepts are based and the pupils will acquire a variety of mental strategies that can be applied in a variety contexts. We will cover number operations and ensure children are comfortable using these within more complex calculations and word problems. Learning their multiplication tables will be very important as the children progress this year so we encourage the continued revision of these. Pupils will continue to be assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure appropriate challenge and support is offered within the classroom.

Health and wellbeing 

P6 will create our Class Charter following a programme of learning based on children’s rights. We will create posters promoting the rights of the child and use these lessons as a basis on which our class is governed. We will welcome Nuffield Health to our class every Tuesday for their Schools Wellbeing Activity Programme (S.W.A.P). This programme is designed to empower students to improve their wellbeing.
In P.E, pupils will be improving their fitness and participating in athletics and gymnastics. Pupils will continue to develop their resilience, communication and teamwork skills through a variety of sports and team games.


Pupils will undertake lessons on programming and coding this term.
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