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Welcome to Primary 1.  The children are settling to school life well, making new friends within their class and throughout the school.  They have picked up our daily class and school routines and are gradually becoming more independent. 
Our topic is ‘All about me’.  The children will be learning about themselves and sharing it with the class. We will be learning about our families and about making new friends. We will also be learning about feelings and emotions and who helps us at home or school. The children will do art, writing, reading and health and wellbeing around this topic too.
To support our class topic, you might want to talk about them and your family with your child, perhaps a visit to the library to look at books or use the internet to research.

Primary 1 have been learning some great rhymes and are super at creating their own rhyming words. After the September weekend we will begin Jolly Phonics and start learning our sounds. They will also begin receiving wordless picture books home as part of their homework.  These books are great to encourage children to use pictures are clues to discuss what is happening in a story. In a few weeks, the children will begin to receive home worded reading books from the North Lanarkshire Reading Scheme where they’ll also use picture clues to help them remember tricky words within the story.   
The children’s writing sessions will mainly be linked to our class topic.  We will write all about us and this will be modelled by the teachers using the words they have been learning in class.  At this early stage in the school year, we aim to have all children holding their pencil correctly, mark making and writing their own names.  However, we realise that all children come to school with different abilities and experiences and therefore we will begin to differentiate our expectations for each child accordingly.
We are following the North Lanarkshire Literacy Scheme after the September weekend, the children will be introduced to 2-3 new words each week.  These words are linked into their initial sounds and their reading books.  We will have a brief spelling challenge each Friday to assess the children’s ability to recall the words which have been taught.    
Listening and Talking
The children will be encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions during class discussions.  We have been sharing the children’s All About Me homework sheets will encourage them to listen carefully and ask and answer questions about themselves and their peers. 
This term the children are learning to form and write numerals 0-10 correctly.  We use a maths resources called Number Zoo to support this as well as a Number rap for writing out each numeral correctly. They will also be taught the place value of each numeral beginning with numbers 0-10.  They will be learning to count from 0-20, and beyond for some, as well as taking part in counting, songs and activities.  We’ve a class shop where the children get to play with pretend money and we would encourage you to talk to your child about coins and notes, their value and what they are used for. Helping with the shopping, talking about prices and handling small amounts of real money will help with this.  We use our class calendar every day to talk about the day, date, month, season and weather.  We also refer to our class clock to discuss important times and routines throughout the day, such as playtime, lunchtime and home time.  We would ask that you also discuss time and routines with your child at home as this gives it a real-life context. We will also expose children to developing their knowledge of shapes and patterns.
The children will be taking part in some fun science experiments and activities to learn more about their 5 senses.
Health and wellbeing 
Children will be focusing on ‘Being Me in My World’, understanding how it feels to belong and that everyone is unique and special. They’ll also be learning about personal hygiene with a focus on germs, hand washing and tooth brushing.  During PE the children will learn balls skills and team games.  They will be encouraged to use PE equipment correctly and safety.

We will be teaching the children how to log on and off correctly using their own username and password.  They’ll also get to experience using school ICT programs such as the drawing tool, Colour Magic.
Our RME topic is Caring and Sharing.  The children will be learning about the importance of caring for each other, their family and themselves and this will also link to health and wellbeing and our class topic. They’ll experience lots of opportunities to turn take and share, an important skill that we hope all of our children will develop in P1.   
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