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Welcome the children and parents in Primary 1/2! It’s an exciting term for the children settling into school life and making new friends. In our new class, ‘we are growing together’ and we are remembering our kind and helping hands as we play, learn and be safe together. I look forward to working with you this year!
Mrs Logan
Our topic is All About Me as we get to know each other and learn lots of things about our new families. They will be covering areas of art, writing, reading and health and wellbeing on this topic.
Things to do at home to support our class topic
  • Share stories with your child about why you chose their name, some interesting baby/toddler facts and discuss their interests or hobbies. 


Primary 1 children have been learning about rhyme within nursery rhymes. They have also been learning to recognise syllables within words and in their name. They will be introduced to wordless picture books very soon which are great to encourage children to use pictures as clues to explore what they think may be happening in the story.
Later in the term, children will begin to look at worded reading books from the North Lanarkshire Reading Scheme where they will also use picture clues to help them identify tricky words within the story. At the same time, children will be introduced to the initial sounds of s, a, t, i, p and n. They will practise the formation of these sounds and will be looking to recognise these in reading books.
Primary 2 children will consolidate their initial sound and double consonant learning from Primary 1 and will be ready to begin applying their new phoneme learning from the North Lanarkshire Active Literacy Reading Scheme to grow more confidently in blending. Children will be developing some word attack strategies in class to help them read more accurately and independently.  Reading books will be sent home twice a week on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please ensure your child returns each book.
Writing – Children’s writing sessions will mainly be linked to our class topic.  The teacher will read a book to the whole class and children will have an opportunity to share their ideas with their talking partner. Children will relate their discussions to their home life.  
For the Primary 1 children, I aim to have all children holding their pencil correctly, mark making and writing their own names.  Please encourage your child to trace their name on the laminated name template and to ‘have a go’ at writing their name in their homework  jotter.
For the Primary 2 children, there will be a focus on handwriting to be appropriately-sized and sitting on the line. Children will write daily using the phonemes they are learning and will be forming sentences through dictation and taught writing lessons.
Spelling – The whole class will be following the North Lanarkshire Literacy Scheme. The children in Primary 1 will be introduced to 3 new words each week and these will be linked to their initial sounds and their reading books. 
For the children in Primary 2, phoneme words and common words will be introduced at the beginning of each week. Please encourage your child to complete spelling by choosing one of the strategies at the beginning of their homework folder as this will help them in their spelling test each Friday. Spelling tests are completed at the back of their homework jotters for you to check-up on their progression.
Listening and talking – The children will be encouraged to contribute their ideas and opinions during class discussions in all curricular areas.  I will begin a few sessions of ‘show-and-tell’ on a Friday where children in each seating group will be invited to bring an item of personal interest from home to show to the rest of the class. The invited colour of group will be written in the homework diary. The children sharing will be encouraged to speak clearly, and the children listening will be encouraged to listen carefully and ask questions about the special item. 
Maths - This term the children are learning about Place Value.
The Primary 1 children are learning to form and write numerals 0-10.  Each week, children are introduced to two new numbers and their Number Rap for writing out each numeral correctly. A copy of the Number raps can be found in the ‘have a go’ jotter. Children are encouraged to sing the rap as they form the numeral. They will also be taught the place value of each numeral beginning with numbers 0-5 as well as taking part in counting, addition and takeaway games, songs and activities. 
The Primary 2 children are given lots of opportunities to explore numbers, gaining an understanding of their place and that they represent different quantities. The children are learning about the position of tens and units, understanding that when numbers are arranged in different places, a different amount is represented. Children are also learning to count in 2’s and 10’s from 0-100.
Every day in class we use our class calendar to talk about the day, date, month, season and weather.  We also refer to our class clock to discuss important times and routines throughout the day, such as playtime, lunchtime and home time.  We would ask that you also discuss time and routines with your child at home as this gives it a real-life context. 
The children will be learning about Planet Earth with a focus on living and non-living things and the properties of water.

Health and wellbeing 
During PE on a Tuesday, the children will be learning some basic gymnastic skills and fitness wellbeing with Ms McIntosh.
During PE on a Wednesday, children will be exploring good control and spatial awareness within various ball-skilled activities. They will be encouraged to use PE equipment correctly and safely.
During health and wellbeing sessions, children will be exploring feelings and good friendship qualities. On a daily basis, children will be encouraged to promote good personal hygiene with a focus on germs, hand washing and tooth brushing.

Children in Primary 1 will be shown how to log on and off correctly using their own username and password.  They will also get to experience using school ICT programs such as the drawing tool, Colour Magic.
Children in Primary 2 will continue to develop their ICT skills as they learn to type in a Microsoft Word Document.

Religious and Moral Education – Our RME topic is Caring and Sharing.  The children will be learning about the importance of caring for each other, their family and themselves and this will also link to health and wellbeing and our class topic. They will experience lots of opportunities to turn take and share. Primary 2 children will also be learning about Global Citizenship with a focus on understanding the values of fairness and equality.

Additional Information - The children have PE on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.  Please ensure your child wears a polo-shirt on these days.  Children are encouraged to drink plain water throughout the day. Homework is issued on a Monday and should be returned fully completed on Friday.
Could I also ask that all items of clothing, including shoes are clearly labelled with your child’s full name.  This makes things easier to find should something go missing. 

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